Todd Hines & the Blue Smoothies

Todd Hines & The Blue Smoothies

Blues Rock with Jazz and Country sprinkled in for flavoring

Todd Hines: Vocals, guitar, bass guitar Christopher Augustine: Drums, percussion

All songs written and arrange by Todd Hines Produced By: Todd Hines, Christopher Augustine and David Escobar Record by/Mixed by: David Escobar Cover Photo: Todd Hines Cover Art: Christopher Augustine

Singer songwriter, Todd Hines, has been honing his craft for some 40 years. Slugging it out in the club scene from the mid-west to the west coast playing rock, blues, jazz and reggae. Todd started on trombone at the young age of 10 before coming to his senses and buying a guitar at the age of 14. His first paying gig was playing bass guitar in a local rock band while in college. After college, Todd moved to Los Angeles where he landed a spot in a newly formed reggae/rock band that made it onto the airwaves. He then joined a band with an unknown style, which later turned out to be Grunge. From there, Todd started writing music with two other guitar players and over the next ten years this band morphed into a southern rock cover band zeroing in on The Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd. He has shared the stage and recording studio with members of some of the top bends in the industry. Today, Todd’s focus is on writing and recording. His first full length solo album "Coffee With My Baby", a mixture of blues, jazz and rock, was released in 2016. Now, 2019, releasing his second album, Todd Hines and the Blue Smoothies. And also expanding his reach by performing at the Oh! Bugey music festival in Oyonnax, France in July, 2019.

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